Summit Meeting Between Yellowstone Region and Maui SCCA

Reuss-Maui-SummitYellowstone Region Webmaster J. Reuss recently met with Maui SCCA Webmaster, Spiritual Leader, and Chief Menu Advisor, Scott Hughes, at La Perouse Bay in south Maui.  (La Perouse has a rich history.  It was at La Perouse that the first Westerners set foot on Maui.  When French explorer Jean Francois de Galaup La Perouse landed there in 1786, scores of Hawaiians from the village came out from the village of Keone’o’io to greet him.)

J. was unable to attend Maui SCCA’s February event at Maui Raceway Park this year, but Scott was kind enough to provide a tour of south Maui to J., the “Team Owner,” the Newsletter Editor, and her roommate (and former Region member), Jerod Staebler.  Scott has lived in Kihei for many years and had many insights to offer about south Maui and its beautiful features and activities.

Scott noted that participation at Maui SCCA events over the past 3-5 years has averaged about 10-12 drivers per event.  The rough pavement at Maui Raceway Park (a former military airfield) is the source of 99% of the Region’s issues.  Many participants do not return after one or two events because of the fractured and abrasive paving which can be tough on tires and cars.  There have also been plans in the works to build a prison on the site, which could lead to a better venue.  However, the powers that be continue to have difficulty finding $275M to build the new facility.