June Meeting Newsletter

Meeting 7-9pm-ish on June 5th, 2024, with the monthly meeting *always* happening at Laurel Auto Clinic, aka “Carl’s Shop” Laurel, MT. The best of the best included Carl, Matt, Angie, Kindra, Dave, Micah, Jared, Lane, Luke, Briant, Darrin, and Bill. Our fabulous group of “go hard or go home” drivers prepared for tonight’s meeting with caffeine and enthusiasm. Lane took it upon himself to order (with his own finances of course) durags for the Hooptie Event. The fine, limited-edition headgear was passed out to the Hooptie Veterans, and we thank them for their service to our entertainment. Hooptie Veterans were required to wear their durags for the entire Hooptie Day this past weekend (Sunday June 9) while competing for their Chalice of Excrement. Some drivers required assistance in donning and doffing their durag. It was a very fashionable style for the night. Carl brought the meeting to order just like he drives his Mustang: swiftly and partially in the dirt. Many were frightened, but none were surprised. Especially Kindra.  

—-*Carl Jones (El Jefe), Matt Boggio (El Jefito), Lane Baumann (Treasurer), and Kindra Munda (Secretary) were all in attendance this evening*—-


Lane reports that the club’s finances include: $12,488.22 which includes all the outstanding debts paid, apart from the Bridger Runway Light. No lights were harmed in the execution of the Aviator Cup, so the Bridger Light Debt is still the same amount as before and still outstanding. No one really had any ideas about what to try next. Got an idea? Come to the meeting yo. The invoice for the October Metra event will be drawn up soon.

*Aviator Cup – Season opener for YR108 was a success! Merch was ‘flying’ out of the tubs. Get it? Flying? Drivers from all over Montana and a few from Wyoming piled up their vehicles and drove the dust right off. The course was fresh, the trailer had some season opener issues, and it was cold and windy. All in all it was a great time. We had 44 entrants, 15 using the weekend membership on MSR. Total revenue was about $725 not counting the merch sales.

*Acton Cross – Annual Hooptie Day! First Place Loser this season was Micah. He will bear the shame of being too fast and will hold possession of the Chalice of Excrement for the next 12 calendar months. He was beyond excited and may have even shed a tear. Not really, the look was less than enthusiastic. Better luck next year! Second Place winner this season was 5th place (according to the dice roll), and Carl took home the coveted Sal-Lasagna. It looked tasty, but Carl said the mushrooms wouldn’t be too popular at his house. Congrats on the win! Third place winner and keeper of the Hooptie Trophy is Matt. Strategy, persistence, patience, and a little bit of sandbagging got him this wonderful prize! He will have the privilege of gazing at this amazing artistic trophy for the next year. He will keep it meticulously polished. He will keep it in tip-top shape for next year’s Hooptie Winner.

*Helmets – The season is upon us, and we will be in need of helmets here in a few short months for the Archie Cochrane/Metra Day in August. Be sure to dust off yours and bring them to any event you come to so we can get as many approvals as possible. If you have any extras lying around that you don’t use, or if you’ve just been using ours because you “can’t” find yours in your garage, time to start looking bruh. They will be in short supply, and it is an absolute rule to wear one as a driver and a passenger. If you’ve been thinking of buying a new one, make sure to look at the most recent SCCA rules to see accepted ratings. **

*Business Cards – In the works, Micah and Lane are working on getting the details together. Detail faster!!! *ARRUGH* (Kindra is impatient and wants the cards yesterday and could have passed out a fair amount already this season)

*Merch – Beanies, hats, sweatshirts, and T-shirts are ready to go home with you! Make sure to bring some cash to pick up your new YR108 body coverings.

                 Beanies, hats, T-Shirts – $15

                 Sweatshirts – $25

*AXware – Just as a reminder, AXware does not recognize letters IN the car number when registering. Please keep the alphabet out of the numbers side of the yard. This isn’t algebra. Also, AXware has some expanded functions and will play with them a bit more to see what they are and how they work. It could even out the classing and trophies for Street, CAM, etc. Other issues involve utilizing AXware with limited timing peeps and safety stewards. Also, if ever AXware is malfunctioning, turn it off and back on. Tech support 101 here.

*Trailer – Following the trailer set up in Bridger, it was made known that many things are very specific when it comes to setting up. Carl was nominated to make a chart, complete with pictures (yes, photos help us figure things out) on how to set up certain elements within the race trailer. Included will be an Axware setup for the timing person. No PhD required.

*MSR – Registration is set up for this season’s link in MSR. You should be able to find all updated classing in the MSR drop down choices when registering. If any issues come up, please message an admin or Messenger to the YR108 Facebook page. Classes are fixed (minus Karts). It was discussed again why karts are not feasible for YR108:

  • No venue that is safe for Karts – we have limited venues here in Billings and surrounding areas as it is
  • Special Safety Stewards – we are thin on those as it is
  • Restrictions – lots and lots of those, limiting Helena or Bridger as the only possibilities
  • Tech – Special Kart inspection. Again, this limits who can inspect the Karts
  • Course Design – This also limits us on who can be Course Master for Karts
  • Safety Wear – Special fire suits, helmets, etc. So specific, it excludes almost everything we have available in our region.

*Drill – It was voted to get a drill for the trailer and to leave in the trailer, nothing special, max $20. Walmart Brand blue light special. The trailer stands are a pain to hand raise and lower, not to mention, no one wants to bend over for that long. All votes in favor, apart from Matt who voted against. (And I saw him use it at YDS this last weekend). Rude.

*Hot Shots – This coming weekend in Helena, we will have Hot Shots at the RMESTC in Helena, MT. It is gonna be a hootn’ hollerin’ good time so be sure to attend. The plan is to meet Friday June 28 in Park City at 10am and convoy down. If anyone is interested in helping set the track, it would be appreciated. Many hand make light work. There is camping available (please no tent stakes in the ground), bathrooms (bring your own air freshener), and showers (to un-stinkify) after the race (ewww, smelly). Remember, the campground is a no alcohol area so be sure to leave the booze at home. We want to be respectful so we are invited back!

*Minor waivers – Be sure to jump on SCCA.com and fill out the free (and required) minor waiver well ahead of any event you think you might want to attend with any person under the age of 18. Even if they are only riding, the waiver is STILL required (by SCCA and the insurance). It takes upwards of a week to a week and a half for approval. It stays good for a year so the young’uns can enjoy this family friendly motor sports year-round. If the driver is a minor, there is a different waiver to sign online. Be sure to get them done, even if you’re uncertain.

*Archie Cochrane – The contract for the Metra is done and set up. We are still waiting for the sponsorship from ACF (Archie Cochrane Ford) to come through, but all is ready to go. MSR will open for registration soon (keep your eyes peeled) on June 14th at 12:01 am. The nominal $5 fee is required by MSR as they are the registration hub for all things fun. It was decided that $5 would cover whatever flat fee MSR charges and will help weed out anyone who decides to register because it is free and not because they actually plan to attend. If you want to pay at the table that is fine, but there may be no guarantee there will be a spot so please pre-register at least. We voted to cap the number of entrants at 100 due to the size of the Metra, as well as how to pull off such a sizeable event safely. Helmets will likely be an issue, so please, please, PLEASE find any you might have so we can tech them and have them handy for novice drivers and spectators. Also, IDs WILL be required and must be presented at the table for anyone who plans to attend Motorin’ at the Metra on August 3. THERE WILL BE A DEDICATED ID CHECKER on this day. Lane will be speaking with Jason soon to get the details finalized. Thanks, Lane, for taking on this awesome task.

*Back up cable – It was proposed to get a backup cable for the timing system. All voted yes, should be around $30.

*Spending – It was also proposed to allow the President or Treasurer to spend $50 on items for the club without prior voting approval. Receipts will still need to be turned in for financials so no one is spending all of the club money on Glizzys or Hot Dog socks.


June 29-30 – Hot Shots at Helena RMESTC

July 13-14 – Coneageddon at YDS

August 3 – Motorin’ at the Metra

September 7-8 – Co-Op with Bozeman in Helena at RMESTC

Meeting adjourned in record time tonight, there was still some daylight as the sun set on another perfect day in Montana. Trinity showed up towards the end but didn’t bring any treats. Maybe next time. Many people talked about what fun could be had in Helena, Darrin was put in a headlock by Kindra, not sure why. He tapped out in 3 seconds. All is well.