September 2017 Newsletter


September 2017

Sports Car Club of America – Yellowstone Region 108  

This clean 1963 Corvette was staged right behind the Newsletter Editor at the Black Hills Corvette Classic autocross. Unfortunately, it overheated prior to its first run and had to be parked. Except for the wheels, the car was completely stock and unchanged from when it was bought from its original owner in 1965!  
Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting 

There was no monthly membership meeting of the Yellowstone Region SCCA for September. 

Yellowstone Drag Strip III

By the Roving Regional Reporter

David Greenfield in his Mitsubishi and Bill Blaquiere in his Z06 Corvette battled all day for top spot, only to be “sniped” by Nels Jensen in his Toyota Celica during the last run group of the day! The “great equalizer” was a round corral feature at the end of the course. Bigger, faster cars that had quickly navigated the long, fast portions of the course proved bulky and cumbersome when it came to circling the corral. However, smaller cars spent far less time getting turned around, so Nels and his little Toyota entered and exited the feature faster than all the other cars to take home top honors. 

 Joel Dietrich in his G Street 1986 Ford Mustang is shown approaching the Not-So-OK Corral at the end of the YDS III course.

Second and third place went to Blaquiere and Greenfield and third went to visiting “Bozemanite” James Papallo in his STS Honda Civic Si. James Reussand Kaitlin Staebler placed 5th and 6th in the $300 Civic. Joel Gruver was 7th in his STS Mazda Miata. Finishing 8th was Jerod Staebler who was co-driving Carl Jones‘ 1996 Ford Mustang. Richard Olson and Steve Gruver rounded out the top ten.

Visitor from the Black Hills Region, Brandon Moore of Glendive, finished 11th in his beautiful 2015 Camaro LSX.

PapalloBlaquiere, and Greenfield were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in PAX scoring.

Complete results and more photos are available here.

25 drivers took a total of 279 runs on the long, fast course–12 runs each! 

 Steve Gruver in his B Street C4 Corvette was “making hay while the sun shines” at the last YDS event for the year 

 Region Member Tate Staebler about to give fellow member Carl Jones some pointers at YDS. 
 MyT13B’s Corner

From the Regional Executive

As some of you may already know from an email sent to Region members earlier this week, I have resigned as Regional Executive of the Region. I decided to make the resignation effective immediately to provide as much time as possible to secure my replacement. I am proud to leave the Region in good working order with membership and participation at historic highs. I trust the trends will continue with new leadership and wish everyone the best. I hope to see y’all at a future event.


Race Notes

From the Competition Chair

Dean Johnson‘s resignation and J. Reuss‘ retirement has resulted in there being no Solo Safety Stewards in the Region. Fortunately, Steve Gruver has agreed to submit his application for SSS and I plan on taking (and hopefully passing) the test before J.‘s retirement, However, we are in urgent need of a place to store the timing trailer. If you have the space, let us know. 

 An autocross (apparently) runs on its stomachs! Lunchtime at YDS III.

In other competition news, John Bonner has finished work on the ex-McTaggart, ex-Riley, Mazda RX-7 LS. John is planning to attend the Region’s last event for the year at Rimrock Truck Center.



The Finish Line

From the Webmaster

As work draws to an end (finally) on the $300 Civic, I thought it might be fun to republish some photos of the car from 2002 and 2004. The 1989 hatchback saw its first autocross on May 29, 2006, at Skyview High School, where it finished 22nd out of 25th, right behind Jackie Bell in her 1972 Torino and just ahead of Joanne Gruver in her 1969 Corvette!   

The photo above shows the CRX front end which replaced the original nose. This is what led to tossing our two perfectly good “hatchback” bumpers that we couldn’t get to fit. The third time was a charm after ordering a CRX bumper!


Next Monthly Meeting

October 3, 2017 (no meeting in November)

GH&R Law Firm
175 N. 27th Street, Suite 903
6:00 p.m. 

Agenda: Election of officers for 2018 

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