October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016

Sports Car Club of America – Yellowstone Region 108

 10-year-old Tate Staebler completes his first autocross run ever in his KM Bintelli kart (Tate placed 18th out of 26th!)
Meeting Minutes

October 2016 Meeting 

The monthly membership meeting of the Yellowstone Region SCCA was called to order by Regional Executive Dean W. Johnson on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, at 6:05 p.m., in the GH&R law firm conference room. The attendance of several prospective members was noted.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: A motion was MS&P to accept without addition or correction the minutes of the September 2016 meeting as published in the September 2016 issue of Fast Times.

Treasurer’s Report: Secretary/Treasurer J. Reuss reported the current checkbook balance and noted that all bills have been paid. A motion was MS&P to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Old Business: Work continues in the area of the PA system. Dean purchased (and donated to the Region) a portable PA system that runs on battery, 12 volt, or 110 volt power. Dean also donated a replacement microphone to be used in the last-ditch effort to save the existing PA system.

New Business/Announcements: Dean submitted his application to become a Solo Safety Steward. Dean must have 2 years’ experience as a licensed SSS to upgrade to a SSS Instructor. J. reviewed the job responsibilies of the Region officers and other positions with the prospective members. It was noted that the election of officers for 2017 will take place at the December meeting. Potential site acquisitions was also discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:50 p.m.


By the Roving Regional Reporter

The September event brought the (short) 2016 season to a close on a high note. The weather couldn’t have been nicer and 26 entrants enjoyed 12 runs each.

In the “new news” department, John Bonner purchased Riley Kelly‘s LS-powered XP 1993 Maxda RX-7.  John wasted no time putting the car solidly in first place nearly a second ahead of Bill Blaquiere‘s C7 Corvette. In third place was Nels Jensen in his (now) Honda S2000-powered Toyota Corolla.

Fourth place went to the always-fast David Greenfield in his ASP Lancer EVO.Luke Bonner placed 5th in his Camaro SS ahead of James Reuss in the “$300 Civic.” James Papallo (Civic), Rachel Bonner (LS-RX-7), Jim Coons(WRX), and Tucker Stewart (Miata), rounded out the top 10.

John Bonner‘s brother, Luke Bonner, placed first in the PAX time results followed by Blaquiere, Stewart, Papallo, Coons, and Greenfield.

Although they tried mightily, neither Jerod or Kaitlin Staebler were able to beat (first-timer) 10-year-old Tate Staebler‘s time in the kart!

In other notable performances, Rachel Bonner had no trouble adapting to the LS-powered RX-7, finishing 8th overall in her first outing with the “beast.” Also,Pat Reuss in her GSL Abarth took particular glee in edging out Dean Johnsonin his “MyT13B.”

Drivers were both entertained and frustrated by a unique feature Dean Johnson incorporated into the course. Pictured in the footer image at the bottom of this issue is the circle of cones that had one set of cones serving as both the entrance and the exit. Drivers quickly learned that you needed a plan before you entered the circle as to how you were going to turn around. On many occasions, drivers without a plan ended up using reverse gear! Curiously, the quickest “in and out” were Luke Bonner in his Camaro SS and Tate Staebler in his kart. Luke literally turned that Camaro “on a dime” and got “nine cents change.”

Pictures and full results are here.


 YDS III marked the return of Nels Jensen and his XP 1985 Toyota Corolla. (The Toyota twin-cam has been replaced with a Honda S2000 power plant.)
 One-year-old Matrim Jones helped Kaitlin Staebler in the timing trailer, while his mother and father, Carl and Jenny Jones (pictured above), duked it out for bragging rights in their first autocross ever. (In the end, it was Carl ahead of Jenny by 0.58 seconds in the family’s FS 1996 Ford Mustang.)
 MyT13B’s Corner

From the Regional Executive

“MyT13B” made significant progress over the course of the 2016 season–although that progress did not always translate to winning times. What was thought to be a sticking throttle at the YDS III event turned out to be driving shoes that were too wide. Post-event testing revealed that a tight pedal box and the steering column caused my braking foot to catch the left edge of the accelerator pedal. Accordingly, on hard braking, I was also experiencing hard acceleration. Adding some heel space to the pedal box seems to have solved the problem. However, I will have to wait until next year to find out for sure.

Also, the fuel delivery problems seem to have disappeared following the installation of new injectors.


 Race Notes

From the Competition Chair

If there was an award for the most innovative spoiler support brackets, Cody Potts and his 1981 Maxda RX-7 would take the prize. The rear spoiler on Cody’s rotary-powered racer is supported by two conventional pistons and connecting rods! Check out Cody’s handiwork at an upcoming event.


 The Finish Line

From the Webmaster

At the recent YDS event, I was presented with the “2016 Bearcat Award.” The plaque on the trophy states that the award is given for my “many years of dedicated service to the club.” The award features a beautiful scale model of a 1915 Stutz Bearcat that was designed and built from scratch by Regional Executive Dean W. Johnson‘s father, Clark Johnson. Click here for the full story about the award.

I looked up the word “bear cat” and note that one definition is “a person or thing that is marked by special power or force.” I don’t know if I have any “special power or force,” but often I feel like I lack the ability to say “no.”

Notwithstanding, the award is a lovely gesture and truly appreciated. Thank you all, and particularly, Clark!


  Trey Hazel tiptoeing his SMF 1994 Honda Civic around the cones at YDS III
 Next Monthly Meeting

December 6, 2016 (No meeting in November)
GH&R Law Firm
175 N. 27th Street, Suite 903
6:00 p.m.

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