November Meeting Newsletter

Written by Kindra Munda

November 14th, 2023 Meeting


In attendance: Carl “El Jefe”, Matt “El Jefito”, Micah, Kindra, Darrin, Bryant, Bill… (also sitting in that order)


Treasury Report: $17,835 Big American Boffos


Octane Sunday 10-8-2023

47 drivers total

12 weekend memberships

Motorsports registration – $1641.64

Cash – $250

Square – $397.62


Total – $2289.26

Venue – $1040

Sanction – $728.50

Weekend Members – $180

Cotters – “Port-A-Pot” – $140

Total Cost – $2088.50

Profit – $200.76 (YAY!)


Inside the coolness of Carl’s Shop, a wonderful assortment of SCCA Yellowstone Region members waited patiently for Bill to arrive. Meeting started roughly 7:45 pm. Items up for discussion first this month was The One, The Only… AutoCross Schedule!! (Settle down people, the fun will continue…)

After exciting banter about dates and how often to meet, as well as having events through out the summer and fall, it was decided that our exceptionally talented SCCA YR 108 will have:


1 Bridger weekend

2 YDS weekends

3 single Saturday’s at the Metra

1 Helena weekend

1 *POSSIBLE* Helena Co-Op event


Members discussed and voted to set the AutoCross schedule as it has been done before us, by our forebears; we will wait for the YDS schedule. Schedule with YDS will be first, and scheduling will happen for the events as best we can around that while taking into consideration the Metra’s schedule and other SCCA clubs. More to come, stay tuned. The possible Co-Op event in Helena with the Bozeman club will come to its fruition with the help of Loren Katzenberger. Detail will be announced as soon as a plan is put together.


Another item of business involves a sponsorship offered from Archie Cochrane Ford Dealership. We discussed the possibility of them “Sponsoring” SCCA YR 108 by paying for or helping to pay the venue cost(s) with possibilities of advertising potential for both parties. Another idea for raising funds short term but increasing interest in SCCA was to allow the dealership to print and give out vouchers that they would later reimburse the club if used. Kind of like a “Thank You for Your Business” gift or something like that. Further discussion with Jason Davis to firm up a plan will be needed. The overall goal is to save the club costs, help increase interest and long-term membership to the club, and get the dealership incentive to sell fun vehicles.


The club received a check from RDO for a 2023 sponsorship in the amount of $3000. This total had the total owed for the Rally circle track deducted, totaling $2250 to the club.


Finishing out our evening was light, yet lengthy discussion on the future of our venues and the long term plan of events. Discussion went from finding other venues (Church on Shiloh was a bust) to possibly buying land as a club and looking into what it would take to pave something usable (not in a swampy area), and/or a donation of some large sum to YDS to have more paving done in the parking lot (how much does asphalt REALLY cost?!?). Another idea was to look a bit more widespread (possibly into Wyoming) and other municipal airports. Bill suggested joining/teaming up together with the Porche (?) or Corvette (?) or Motorcycle(?) clubs to buy/build/develop something usable by all at a fraction of the cost. Talk happened about contacting the Drift club near Roundup to see if we could use their space. Further discussion is needed, and anyone with any ideas should come to future meeting to share and enlighten us all.