About SCCA

logo-SCCA-350What is the SCCA?

The Sports Car Club of America is the world’s largest automotive motorsports organization and has set the target for motorsports competition and motorsports event management in North America for over 60 years. The SCCA has remained the benchmark and is recognized as the gold standard in the industry.

You are at the Yellowstone Region’s website (YRSCCA), with headquarters in Billings, Montana. The YRSCCA provides services for Billings, Montana, Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming.

The SCCA hosts a myriad of motorsports activities to satisfy any interest you may have as a sports car competition enthusiast. Interested in Professional road racing? Then SCCA Pro Racing®, Inc. which organizes and sanctions SCCA™s World Challenge and MX-5 Miata Cup has your ticket. Do you have a burning fever to experience the intense competition and camaraderie of Club Racing®? Then regional programs and intense national programs designed for qualifying for the National Championship Runoffs® are your medicine. Not interested in the challenges of wheel-to-wheel competition but still harbor a competitive streak for precision and accuracy at speed? Then SCCA™s Solo® Events program offers over 2000 local competitions annually up to and including a National championship with supporting Divisional championship programs. How about those of you with a need to play in the dirt? SCCA™s RallyCross® program offers competitions similar to Solo events on loose surfaces. RallyCross also has a very competitive National championship structure. The SCCA RoadRally® program is what got SCCA started over 60 years ago. This is the easiest form of competition to enter as it only requires a registered and insured street car of any kind. Normal highway speeds and precise course following are the challenges in this most basic form of motorsport. If you find that competing is not your style, but being close to the competition, the drivers, the cars and the crews and being part of the American motorsport scene is your form of adrenaline, then the SCCA has written the book on motorsport officials training, licensing and event management. Anyone can volunteer as an official at SCCA events “the wealth of motorsport experience possessed by SCCA members will be imparted to you simply by your enthusiasm and desire to learn.

There are over 110 local regions of the SCCA from Guam to Hawaii and up to Alaska down to Florida and up to Maine which means there is a pocket of SCCA activity near you. You’ll be involved in events close to home or you can make a weekend of it with other motorsports enthusiasts like you. SCCA is like no other motorsports organization. Why? Because you’re involved you can compete, organize, and participate at any SCCA event at any level you choose.

SCCA Member Services

SCCA Website: http://www.scca.com/?hub=
P.O. Box 299
Topeka, KS 66601-0299
1-800-770-2055 – Fax 785-232-7213


  • Compete and participate in all SCCA events.
  • Hold competition and Volunteer license.
  • Vote in SCCA elections and serve on committees.
  • Includes annual subscription to SportsCar®, the SCCA official monthly magazine.
  • Two SCCA decals for your car.
  • Incudes Participant Accident insurance while participating in SCCA activities.
  • Merchandise discounts.


  • Husband/wife and children under age 21.
  • All family members have full rights and privileges of an Individual member.
  • Share a subscription to SportsCar.


  • Full rights and privileges of an Individual member.
  • Share SportsCar subscription.


  • 24 years old and under.
  • Full privileges of an Individual member.


  • Full time active duty military personnel.
  • Full privileges of an Individual member.
  • Spouse and children do not receive reduced fees.
  • Must include a statement from your unit commander or a copy of your military ID card each year. SCCA™s Weekend Membership Program: A $15 discount can be used towards your first year’s dues by using your weekend membership number. The maximum amount that may be applied is $30 and expires in 60 days (date on receipt). SCCA™s Membership Referral Program is an incentive for SCCA members to refer new members. By providing the name of the SCCA member who sparked your interest, you are granted a $15 discount and your SCCA friend will receive a credit on their membership renewal.