Maui Musings: Newsletter Editor and Webmaster Journey on a Fact-Finding trip for SSCA

maui-fact-findingBy the YSCCA Webmaster J Reuss

After exchanging a few e-mails (and a few phone calls for lastminute directions), the Newsletter Editor, the Webmaster, and the “Team Owner,” arrived at the home of Maui SCCA member and club photographer, Scott Hughes, in Kihei, Maui. (Mark Richlen told me that being the Region’s Treasurer would reap huge rewards. Boy, he was right!). Scott graciously welcomed us into his home and we spent the next hour talking “shop.” Initially, I anticipated hearing how different the Maui SCCA was from the Yellowstone Region, but the more we talked, the more it became clear that other than the nearly 3,000 miles separating the Regions, we were pretty much the same.

Ironically, the “movers and shakers” in the Maui SCCA were fellows by the names of “Scott” and “Chris.” (We checked to make sure there were no “Jays” or “Jerods,” but learned that there were
not.) The Maui SCCA holds events on a monthly basis. (Their schedule may be found at ) While the club does not have a timing trailer, everything related to autocross
on Maui is kept within a van owned by “Chris.” All of the club’s events are held at the same location—a patch of asphalt about 10 minutes northwest of Scott’s house. Somewhat similar to Lewistown, the site is located on an abandoned airfield. Also located nearby is a NHRA sanctioned drag strip and a motocross course. To put it kindly, the site presents some huge challenges for event organizers and entrants. As attested to by the photographs on page 2, not only is the asphalt surface nearing the end of its useful life, being located in a windswept area of Maui requires that the area be swept clear of Maui “red dirt” on a regular basis. Unfortunately, since the surface is so deteriorated, only dedicated entrants return for the next month’s event. Scott explained that parking lot regulations on Maui make it nearly impossible to find lots that are not broken up with planters, light standards, and other obstructions. However, the club does have hopes of convincing a generous philanthropist to help them create a dedicated autocross site.

Notwithstanding the pavement problems, Scott reports that it is not unusual to see a Lamborghini or Cobra replica at an event. In fact, the owner of a Lamborghini Murcielago generously purchased a new timing system for the club! Average entry numbers are pretty much the same as the Yellowstone Region and maximizing the number of runs takes precedence over nitpicking over scrutineering and car classification. By trade, Scott is a “destination wedding photographer.” He also photographs all events and maintains the website. (There is also a website, but it hasn’t been updated on a regular basis.

Scott is originally from St. Louis, MO, but moved to Maui to “take his life in a new direction.” (If you would like to touch base with Scott, check out his FaceBook page.) Similar to “Scott” in the Yellowstone Region, Scott Hughes maintains the FaceBook page for MAUISCCA. (Check out the page and become a “fan.”) As we left Scott’s house, he gave us a tour of his garage and showed us his “stable” of BMWs. Scott has two M3s in the garage and he volunteered that his next vehicle would also be an M3. (Kait and I were more than relieved that he did not have a garage full of Mustangs like the Yellowstone Region’s “Scott.” I bought a MAUI SCCA t-shirt from Scott and assured him I would wear it proudly at future Region events. If you ever find yourself in Maui towards the end of the month, make sure to stop by Maui Raceway Park on Sunday and put your rental car “through the paces” at one of Maui SCCA’s events. If Scott is any indication, the Maui SCCA “ohana” (family) is as welcoming and friendly as the Yellowstone Region. Thanks, Scott, for letting us “pick your brain.” If you are ever “offisland” and find yourself in the area, I hope you will stop in. J.